Middleton Jones offers extensive experience in leading missions and hosting visiting international trade delegations.

We can help to organise or support your organisation whether that is through welcoming visitors to your company, or in taking companies abroad for trade shows, introductions or just initial investigation, leading to the best possible opportunity for an international trade relationship to develop.


Welcoming visitors from overseas seems an easy thing to do, but culture and expectations from both parties need to aligned and managed.  We can help with organising or advising on a visit agenda that is smooth and mutually rewarding.


Taking companies abroad to increase sales or establish relationships is something that Middleton Jones can organise, lead or support.  Extensive experience in both leading and participating in trade missions means that we can help to make your mission successful. Being prepared is the key to participation as both pre and post mission briefings can clarify expectations and quantify results.


Middleton Jones has a wide range of national and international contacts especially within the manufacturing, aviation and nuclear sectors.  Where we cannot help we will provide links to other providers.


Through an established network of expert stakeholders, Middleton Jones are the company of choice for establishing links to the right people for any Pan European or International collaborative projects.

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