Thinking of offering your product or service to the UK market?  As with all trading countries, the UK has its own way of doing business.

From legal requirements to marketing methods that work, Middleton Jones can help your company define and refine an approach for the best chance of trading success.

UK Contacts

Middleton Jones is well connected throughout the South West of England and beyond. It has established contacts within the manufacturing, aviation, nuclear sectors; throughout the Higher and Further Education sector; through the local authorities and with the Local Enterprise Partnerships.  It has good relationships with a wide range of economic development agencies.  We can facilitate introductions to the right people to further your aspirations within the UK.

UK Business Etiquette

As with all countries the UK has its own way of doing business.  What is considered the way in your country may be seen as rude or disrespectful in ours.  Middleton-Jones can provide your company with Top Tips for success in the UK or, can mentor you in your initial approaches

UK Marketing

Getting the right messaging behind your brand is vital to any company.  Using the right language is not enough if the message is not understood by potential customers.  Let Middleton Jones proof your words and message to ensure that your marketing campaign is understood and ultimately successful

UK Rules and regulations

The UK currently is a member of the EU, although that is about to change.  For any company considering entering the UK market it is essential to know which regulation or law applies.  Middleton Jones can clarify the requirements according to your product or service – forward knowledge will minimise the risk of getting this (potentially costly) aspect of international trade wrong.

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