Importing from China?  …Quality or just Quantity?

Importing from China? …Quality or just Quantity?

 According to the WTO (World Trade Organisation), which China became a member of in 2001, China is now not only- The largest manufacturing economy in the world The largest exporter of goods in the world The largest economy by GDP (PPP) in the world From 1978 up until 2013 China was the world’s fastest growing economy at an average rate of almost 10%. They now also have the capability to not only produce high volumes of all types of goods but they also have the expertise to produce them to very high standards of quality. This was not always the case: Brief history: If you have seen as many Christmases as I have, you will be aware of the words ‘Made in China’. In the early 1970’s these words were often the butt of many jokes in relation to mass produced rubbish, especially at Christmas time, when you pulled the cracker what came out was something like this:  So, China became known as the...
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